Our Core Team

We are comprised of a group of local professionals who understand not just advertising, but how a results first marketing strategy impacts all aspects of your business, from your customer journey and day to day work to your end of year profitability and cash flow. 


 This team is capable of managing all aspects of your digital marketing, while maintaining and understanding of your day to day business- where the “rubber meets the road”.  

Dusty Potter of WIchita Falls DIgital

Dusty Potter

Managing Member

Wichita Falls native Dusty Potter has about as extensive and varied experience as you will find in a business professional. He began his first management position at 17, and has been a business owner and operator since 2007. With experience in the service, medical, software development, and digital marketing sectors, his approach and dedication to customer service through the lens of streamlined business process with the constant thought that everything we do in business should “make you money, thrill your customer, or make your life easier- because nothing else really matters “.  His approach to marketing from the perspective as a business to consumer operator gives him a clear insight and passion about driving results for our clients that make sense for their brand and their profit margins. Dusty owns and operates WIchita Falls Hearing, amplify OMS, and Ear Level Marketing, as well as Wichita Falls Digital. He plays bass and guitar in several local bands. In his spare time he can be found… oh, who are we kidding… he doesn’t have a lot of spare time. 

Shannon Heacock of WIchita Falls Digital

Shannon Heacock

Business Solutions Specialist

Shannon is a well-rounded business and marketing professional capable of executing all marketing needs. She is dedicated to creating a holistic approach that meets the needs of the market, increases sales and profitability, and bears in mind the constraints of businesses and their owners. Her expertise includes multi-channel marketing, data mining, B2B/B2C consumer management, SEO, SEM, UX design, market and product research, financial feasibility, and corporate social responsibility. Shannon’s favorite part of the job is research. She brings a unique point of view to the table with extensive history in radio & television, the restaurant & bar industries, industrial manufacturing, and an academic background of a BBA and MBA. When she’s not working, you’ll find her teaching yoga, spending time with family, playing with her chihuahua, or trying her hand at being an artist. 

Derek Naranjo

data and automation specialist

Born and raised in Wichita Falls, Derek Naranjo has and extensive background in a mixture of industries. With direct experience of direct to consumer business through the service and hospitality sector, pharmacy, medical practices, and software development organizations, Derek is well equipped to provide insight to data and it’s impact on business operations. He assists our clients in a range of capacities, from systems implementation, to graphic design, to web development, and marketing automation structure. 

 Derek is also an expert bartender, and can throw in tips for an excellent Bloody Mary while helping to fulfill your marketing needs. 

Rob Kirkland

Implementation and customer advocate

A lifelong resident of Wichita Falls, Rob understands the value of trust in the community, and approaches his work through that lens. With heavy direct experience in business to consumer relations, he helps implement our projects from content creation to client communications with the experience of your customers in mind. Rob brings a sense of excitement and professionalism to everything he does, and is very passionate about helping local businesses expand their digital presence while keeping an eye on what makes them truly unique. Outside of work he’s been a fixture in the local music scene for over 20 years, and has spent the last several years on stage at a local community theater. He also enjoys spending time with his family, and is striving for the “Griswold” standard of Christmas light displays.